I’ve spent the last few months pacing around, generating nothing but depression, waiting for the weather to get warm enough so we can get started fixing the walls of the carriage house. Today was warm enough! and most importantly, it’ll stay above freezing tonight. So, while the neighborhood fired up their grills, rev’d engines and started some fights… I pulled the tools out of the basement.

Here’s the problem: the bottom of the walls are a little flaky (so are the tops, but that’s a completely different story… on three of the walls, the middle sections are in pretty good shape). Freeze/thaw and roots have really done a number on the courses either side of ground level. You can see daylight from the interior.

We dug down and found a very soild, stone foundation. Yes. we weren’t sure what to expect down there… Almost all the bricks below grade needed replacing. I did about 9′ today.