Wall: Done

Well… the wall is mostly done. I will now write the rest of this post in FAQ format.

Q: Holy crap…what’s with that huge fence on the left side of the building.
A: That isn’t ours. No idea why there is a new 16′ high fence over there. But, PAY ATTENTION THIS IS A POST ABOUT THE MOST BEAUTIFUL WALL EVER BUILT ON AN ALLEY. EVER.

Q: What did the mason say, once the scaffolding was down?
A: “This wall doesn’t belong in an alley”

Q: Are you accustomed to square, sturdy walls?
A: No, this is going to be an adjustment for everyone on the team

Q: whoa! Did you add a 2nd garage door?
A: Yes.

Q: Are those arches over the windows structural?
A: You betcha.

Q: What is with that tiny little door on the right side of the 1st floor?
A: That is a rough-in opening for a standard door. This garage is just that big. We could probably fit your garage inside this one several times over. We just choose not to – just know we could.

Q: Besides the new doorways on the first floor, what else has changed?
A: The windows on the 2nd floor are in their original configuration. The wall is built with original brick. The cornice is a match of the original. The 2nd floor loading door has a new steel beam overhead instead of the huge (and hugely weathered) one that was originally up there.