Floor Patches

We poured two sections of concrete floors this weekend. In one case, there was a small hole in the floor, went we started removing material, we realized a fairly large area had washed out under the floor. Removed the floor, filled and tamped it down.

The other area filled was previously a wheel alignment pit about 3′x8′ and 5′ deep. We filled that with rubble from the back and poured over it.


1 for 2 Special

It was (for one brief day) spring like in Troy and we got started on masonry work. We’ve found 10 Troy bricks in the process. It’d be a shame to put them back in the wall…. so if you have a need for a Troy brick, bring two old school bricks and we’ll swap you for one of our Troy bricks


I’ve spent the last few months pacing around, generating nothing but depression, waiting for the weather to get warm enough so we can get started fixing the walls of the carriage house. Today was warm enough! and most importantly, it’ll stay above freezing tonight. So, while the neighborhood fired up their grills, rev’d engines and started some fights… I pulled the tools out of the basement.

Here’s the problem: the bottom of the walls are a little flaky (so are the tops, but that’s a completely different story… on three of the walls, the middle sections are in pretty good shape). Freeze/thaw and roots have really done a number on the courses either side of ground level. You can see daylight from the interior.

We dug down and found a very soild, stone foundation. Yes. we weren’t sure what to expect down there… Almost all the bricks below grade needed replacing. I did about 9′ today.


Off Street

Off street while its snowing: It’s that same exact feeling as when we got a washing machine 7 years ago. And, just to balance it out, I spend some time with tar on the roof of the carriage house from an extension ladder when the snow started — slippery and sticky all at once.



After seven years of looking at 1049 from our house next door, we’ve finally purchased the two buildings (there is a carriage house in the rear of the plot).

The plan?  The carriage house need immediate attention and we plan to use the first floor for parking and convert the 2nd floor into an artist’s work space.